Psalms Music (3)

The Book of Psalms shows us that stringed instruments were also used to praise God. Verse 4 of our Bible Reading today says, “I will come to God’s altar. I will come to the God who makes me so very happy. God, my God, I will praise you with a harp.”
The harp and lyre were stringed instruments that were very important in temple worship. The harp was made of wood and had 10-12 strings. It was played with the fingers and gave off a loud sound. A lyre was smaller than a harp and played with a tool called a plectrum. A lyre had 5-10 strings.
Many other verses in Psalms mention stringed instruments. Psalm 98:5-6 says, “Every person on earth, shout with joy to the Lord. Quickly, start singing songs of praise! Harps, praise the Lord. Music from the harps, praise him.”
So far, we have talked about praising God by singing, dancing and playing instruments. Wow! There are many different ways that we can show God our love and thanks.