Psalms Music (7)

King David chose the music groups to play for the Israelites’ worship (1 Chronicles, chapter 25). 2 Chronicles 7:6a says, “The priests stood ready to do their work. The Levites also stood with the instruments of the Lord’s music. These instruments were made by King David to give thanks to the Lord.”
2 Chronicles, chapter 5, tells us about when the temple was dedicated. The singers were dressed in white linen (verse 12). Trumpets, cymbals and other instruments were used (verse 13), and they sang the song, “Praise the Lord Because He is Good. His True Love Continues Forever” (verse 13). Those are the same words as Psalm 136:1.
David was very careful to make sure that the Israelites worshiped God in the right way. He wrote psalms (songs), made musical instruments and chose the musicians. David wanted to honor and praise God.
Find ways today to show your honor and praise to God.