No one likes to be punished. I remember one time my son did something wrong. He knew that what he had done was wrong and that he should be punished. So my son ran upstairs and hid. He thought if I couldn’t find him, I couldn’t punish him. I found my son hiding in my closet. I told my son that because I loved him, I had to punish him.

I punished my son, but the punishment did not last long. Soon he was smiling and playing again. Our Bible verses talk about the goats (evil people) and their punishment. When Jesus comes again, He will punish these people. Why? Because they did not follow and obey Him. But this punishment will not be for a short time. “…these evil people will be punished forever” (verse 46a).

I know that you do not want Jesus to punish you forever! But that will happen if you do not obey Jesus and help others. Make sure that you are a sheep and not a goat!