Purity means controlling our minds and bodies so that we obey God. But how can we do this?
First, we need to study the Bible. Then we will know what God wants us to do and how we can resist temptation. Second, we should not think impure thoughts. If we think about doing something wrong, we will probably do it.
Third, we need to remember that our bodies belong to God. Verse 7 of our Bible Reading says, “God called us to be holy. He does not want us to live in sin.” God wants us to let Him control our thoughts and our bodies.
Fourth, we can help each other live pure and holy lives. Christians should remind each other to stay pure. Galatians 6:1a tells us, “Brothers and sisters, a person in your group might do something wrong. You people who are spiritual should go to the person who is sinning. You should help to make him right again.”
I hope you are keeping yourself pure for God.