“Quiet! Be Still!”

Are you worried today? Are you afraid? Our Bible Reading tells us about a time when Jesus’ followers were worried and afraid.
Jesus and His followers were in a boat, crossing the lake. “Jesus was inside the boat, sleeping with his head on a pillow” (verse 38a). A bad wind storm came up. The waves came up over the boat, filling it with water. Jesus’ followers became worried and afraid. They said (verse 38b), “Teacher, don’t you care about us? We are going to drown!”
What did Jesus do? He stood up and told the wind (verse 39b), “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind stopped and the lake became calm. Sometimes we may feel like Jesus’ followers. Problems come up and we become worried and afraid. When we feel like that, we can ask Jesus to give us peace.
When problems happen today and you become afraid, ask Jesus to calm you and give you His peace.