Quiet, Gentle Voice

In our Bible Reading today, Elijah was very sad. In verse 4b, Elijah said, ?I have had enough, Lord! Let me die.?
Then God spoke to Elijah. But God did not speak through the wind, an earthquake or a fire. Instead He spoke to Elijah in ?a quiet, gentle voice? (verse 12b). God encouraged Elijah to not give up. After this, Elijah was ready to serve God again.
When I go fishing, I feel like Elijah. The cool wind gives me peace. I sit on the lake and look at the beautiful things God has made. I think about God and all He has done for me. Then God speaks to me in a quiet, gentle voice. I think about my relationship with God. Then I feel encouraged and ready to serve Him.
Every person needs to get away from the hurry of this world and relax. Set aside some time to enjoy your favorite sport or hobby. Allow God to speak to you and encourage you.
Maybe you can go fishing, like I do!