Children love to play in the puddles made by a warm summer rain. Plants that are dried and earth that is cracked are renewed by a rain shower. Watching a gentle spring rain can be very peaceful and calming. Rain can also cause problems such as flooding and landslides. Rain, along with a high wind, can cause a lot of damage to buildings and crops.

Rain is a very important part of the weather cycle on earth. But rain doesn’t just happen. Like all other parts of nature, rain is controlled by God. God gives us rain as a blessing. Without rain, people and animals would not have water to drink. We could not raise any crops without rain.

Psalm 104 is a psalm of praise to God. It is also a reminder about His great power. Psalm 104:13-14 tells us about the importance of rain on the earth. “You send rain down on the mountains. The earth gets everything it needs from what you have made. You make the grass grow to feed the animals. You provide plants for the crops we grow — the plants that give us food from the earth.”

When you eat a vegetable or a piece of fruit today, think about the rain that helped it grow. And thank God for His awesome power and blessings.