One time I was driving when a severe thunderstorm appeared. As we crossed a big river, we felt like we would be blown over the side of the bridge. The winds were strong; the rain was hard. It was a really bad storm, and I was a little scared.

The rain was hitting my windshield so hard I could not see. Cars were slowing down on the highway. The sky was dark, and the lightning was bright. The storm lasted for about thirty minutes, and then
it became calm and the sun started shining again. Soon we saw the most wonderful rainbow I have ever seen. It was bright and huge! It stretched far across the sky.

After Noah and his family came out of the boat, God put a rainbow in the sky. In Genesis 9:16, God gave us His promise. “When I look and see the rainbow in the clouds, I will remember the agreement that continues forever. I will remember the agreement between me and every living thing on the earth.”

When I saw that beautiful rainbow, it was a reminder of God’s promise. I need to always remember that God is with me and knows what is best for my life.