Reach the Goal

One summer day, I drove past the local high school. A teenage boy was running on the track near the football field. I stopped and watched the boy. He seemed to be using every muscle to move forward.
Then I noticed that his legs and arms were twisted. He had some kind of physical disability. But that did not stop him. He was determined to run and finish the course. I prayed and asked God to help the boy reach his goal. If the boy reached the finish line, he would win the prize of knowing he had done his best.
In our Bible Reading today, Paul talked about the goal of following Jesus. Paul compared it to Christians running a race. When we are new Christians, we start out with enthusiasm and excitement. Then we face problems and we slow down. But we must not give up. We must keep serving God until we die. Then we will have the prize of eternal life with Jesus.
God will give you strength and courage today to serve Him. Don’t ever give up running the race. Keep on until the end!