Rebellions have happened since time began. Adam and Eve rebelled in the Garden of Eden. Cain rebelled and killed his brother. Children rebel against their parents. Citizens are rebellious to their government leaders.
Many rebellions happen because people pay attention to the devil instead of paying attention to God. Our Bible verses today tell us about people and nations who rebel against God. These people continue to fight against God, but they will never win. “But other people should be careful. The Lord is about ready to show his anger” (verse 12b).
But don’t forget that you and I are rebellious, too. Every time we choose to sin, we rebel against God and His plan for our lives. We should not rebel! God loves us and gave us His only Son so we can live forever with Him.
The writer of Psalm 2 closes by saying that instead of rebelling, we should obey and trust God. I hope you will do that today. —