Some people are rebels. They think they can live without laws and rules. These people say, ?Nobody is going to tell me what to do! I?ll do it my way.? Usually these people learn that they need laws so they can live peacefully with other people.
Think about a world without traffic laws. We could drive as fast as we wanted to drive. We could drive on the right side of the road or the left side. But this would not give us freedom. Probably there would be lots of car accidents, pain and suffering. We need laws to keep us safe.
We should remember that God has given us rules (commands) to follow, too. If we don?t obey God?s rules, we will not be God?s children. In verse 2 of our Bible Reading Jesus said, ?If a person knows my commands and obeys those commands, then that person truly loves me.?
If we obey God?s rules, we will please Him. And God will give us a life filled with true joy and happiness.