Recipe for Strength

Most recipes include a list of ingredients to be mixed together to make something. Some athletes use a special recipe called a “stack.” A stack can be vitamins and minerals mixed together to give an athlete extra strength. But this stack alone will not help the athlete. The person must exercise and work hard, too.
In our Bible Reading today, Luke tells us about the Christians in Jerusalem. In verse 42 he gives us a “spiritual stack.” “The believers continued to meet together. They used their time to learn the teaching of the apostles. The believers shared with each other. They ate together and prayed together.”
If you want to become spiritually strong and grow in God’s love, you should follow the example of the early Christians. These people met together with other Christians, studied God’s Word, and shared and prayed with other Christians. But doing these things once or twice won’t make you spiritually strong. You need to make them an important part of your life every day.