Red Sea Miracle

The Israelites went through the Red Sea on dry land. But the Egyptian army was close behind them. They started following the Israelites on the path through the Red Sea. God made the Egyptians panic. Then their chariot wheels became stuck, and they couldn’t control their chariots.

Then God told Moses to raise his hand over the sea. The water came back to its normal level and covered the chariots and the soldiers. The entire army was destroyed. None of them survived! Exodus 14:31 tells us the result of this great miracle. “The Israelites saw the great power of the Lord when he defeated the Egyptians. So the people feared and respected the Lord, and they began to trust the Lord and his servant Moses.”

Some people say that this event was not a miracle. They say that the Red Sea was really only about 18 inches deep and that a strong wind blew the water apart. If that is true, I wonder how the entire Egyptian army could be drowned in only 18 inches of water!!

Many people in the world want to stop us from believing in God. They will make up stories and say that the Bible is not true. We need to stay strong and defend God’s Word. Always trust God, and always believe His Word!