The name Redeemer is often used for Jesus. However, this name is not used in the New Testament. It is used many times in the Old Testament to refer to Jesus as the One who would bring salvation to people.
In our Bible Reading today, Job is talking with his friends. In verse 25, Job says, “I know there is someone to defend me. I know he lives! And in the end he will stand here on earth and defend me.” The words translated “someone to defend me” are translated as “Redeemer” in some other Bible versions.
The word redeem explains what Jesus has done for us. Two different Greek words are translated redeem in the New Testament. The first one means to buy out. That word was used when a slave was bought and set free. The other word means to release by paying a price.
Jesus is our Redeemer. He paid the price of His death to buy us out of the slavery of sin. Now we are free in Christ and have the gift of eternal life!