Refuse to Sin

All people have the choice to do right or wrong. When I think about doing right, I think about Joseph. Joseph was not perfect, but he always tried to do what was right.
The book of Genesis tells us about several things that happened to Joseph. Joseph’s brothers hated him. So they kidnapped him and sold him into slavery. Then Joseph was wrongly accused and thrown into prison. Through all this, Joseph did what was right. He always trusted God to take care of him.
Verse 27 of Psalm 37 says, “If you refuse to do bad things, and if you do good things, then you will live forever.” If we refuse to sin and choose to do good things, we will receive a reward. That reward will be life forever with God. We can learn how to do right things by reading the Bible. Verses 30 and 31 say, “A good person…has learned the Lord’s teachings. And he will never stop living right.”
You need to make a choice today. You can choose to sin or refuse to sin. I hope you will be like Joseph and choose to do right.