Relationship with God

Some people I know say they have a close relationship with God, but they never read the Bible or pray to God. It is hard to have a good relationship with someone that you rarely see or never communicate with. A good relationship requires two important things — communication and commitment.

God has communicated His message to us through the Bible. When we read the Bible, we learn about how God worked with people for thousands of years. We learn God’s thoughts and actions. Every day when we read the Bible, we can learn something new about God.

But God did not just give us the Bible and walk away. He committed Himself to us. As we read His promises in the Bible, we can know that He will always be with us to help and comfort us. Friends and family members may leave us, but God has promised to always be with us.

Titus 1:2 gives us encouragement about God. “This faith and knowledge make us sure that we have eternal life. God promised that life to us before time began — and God does not lie.” God has given us His Word and His promises. You can depend on both today!