The other workers and I were not happy with our boss. We did not agree with some decisions he had made. So we said some bad things about the boss. Later, he found out that we had said negative things about him.
I felt separated from my boss because of what I had done. I knew that God was not pleased with me. So I went to my boss, confessed what I had done and asked him to forgive me. Then my attitude changed, and I respected my boss more. We had a better relationship after that.
Our Bible verses tell us about Onesimus, who ran away from his master, Philemon. Paul encouraged Philemon to accept Onesimus back as a brother in Christ so that they could have a good relationship again.
Sin separates us from God and from other people, too. Maybe there is someone you need to ask to forgive you or a relationship that needs to healed. Ask God to help you do what is right.