Rely on Teamwork

Nehemiah arrived in Jerusalem. He knew that he couldn’t rebuild the walls of Jerusalem by himself. Nehemiah had to depend on other people. It’s wonderful to read how Nehemiah gathered people together and asked them to help rebuild the walls.
Our Bible Reading lists different groups of people who worked on the walls and gates. Nehemiah got many people involved. The people worked very hard. This is a great example of cooperation and unity.
If you are a leader, I encourage you to be like Nehemiah and give your followers opportunities to serve. Get them involved. Then they will be eager to serve. If you are follower, I encourage you to serve when your leader asks you to help. Let your leader know that he can depend on you as a helper, servant and follower.
Nehemiah depended on teamwork to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. If you rely on teamwork, God will be honored and His church will grow.