Remain Faithful

While visiting our son and his family in Austin, Texas, my husband and I stayed in our motor home. It was winter, and it was cold outside. One night the gas in our heater ran out. When we woke up, it was cold and uncomfortable in our motor home. My husband put a full tank of gas in place of the empty one. Soon our camper was warm and comfortable again.

In our Bible verses today, Jesus reminds us that there will be false teachers and evil things in the world. Because of these things, “most believers will grow cold” (verse 12b). Sometimes I become cold in my spiritual life. Then I feel empty and uncomfortable. But when I read my Bible and pray every day, I feel warm and comfortable inside again.

Does your spiritual life seem cold and uncomfortable today? If so, I encourage you to spend some time reading the Bible and praying. Then you will feel close to God again.