In the terminal of the airport in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is a life-sized statue of Joe Foss. Joe was a World War II Air Force pilot who destroyed a record number of enemy fighter planes. Joe returned home from the war, and later he became governor of South Dakota. But Joe said that the most important moment in his life was when he accepted Jesus as his Savior. Many people today still remember Joe Foss and what he did.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus visited the home of Simon. A woman came to Jesus and poured very expensive perfume on Him. In verse 12 Jesus said, “This woman poured perfume on my body. She did this to prepare me for burial after I die.” Then in verse 13b, Jesus said, “And in every place where Good News is told, the story of what this woman did will also be told. And people will remember her.” We can read these verses today and remember this woman.
Most of us will never do anything to make us famous. But God knows who we are and that we serve Him.