Rescued (1)

You have probably seen a news story on TV about a little kitten that has climbed a tree and is too frightened to climb down. The kitten sits on a branch and meows for someone to help him. Usually the story ends with a fireman or some other person climbing a ladder and rescuing the kitten.
We are all like that kitten. We are trapped in life by sin. Sin controls us, and we can’t rescue ourselves. But praise God that He sent Jesus to earth to rescue us. His death on the cross and resurrection rescued us from sin.
Our Bible verses for today are a cry for help. In verse 5 the writer says to God, “Lord, you are the God we can trust. I put my life in your hands. Save me!” When we ask God to rescue us from sin, He will save us and make us one of His children.
If you are trapped in sin today, turn to God. Ask Him to help you understand how you can follow and obey His Word.