Rescued (2)

Today we will continue to talk about how God rescues us from sin. Imagine that a person is on the ocean in a rubber raft. The raft has a hole in it. What will happen? The raft will sink and the person will probably drown.
That is how we are lost in sin. We have all made bad choices in life. We have disobeyed God. It is like we are lost and drowning in our sin. We cannot save ourselves. We don’t even deserve to be saved.
We need someone to rescue us. That person is Jesus! He was not only willing to rescue us, He was willing to take our place and die for us. Then our sins are removed and we are pure before God. Verse 2 of our Bible Reading talks about this. “It is a great blessing when the Lord says they are not guilty, when they don’t try to hide their sins.”
God loves you, and He sent Jesus to die for you. That’s amazing! I hope you will let Jesus rescue you today!