Return to God

Many people in the world today are facing difficult times. Our Bible Reading today tells us that God’s people, the Israelites, were facing bad times, too. They turned away from God and worshiped idols. Because of that, God allowed bad things to happen to them.
These verses also told Israel how they could return to God. These verses can also help us when we turn away from God. Verse 9 says, “Don’t worship any of the false gods that the foreigners worship.” We may not worship idols today, but we may make money and possessions more important than God. We need to make God first in our lives.
Verse 12 tells us that the Israelites were stubborn. We should not be stubborn and want things our own way. We should submit to God’s will. And, verse 13 says that we should pay attention to God and His commands.
Have you wandered away from God and His commands? Return to God, and follow Him today.