Return to Heaven

When Jesus was finished with His work on earth, He gave His followers some final teaching. Jesus told them to tell people about Him in every part of the world. The followers watched Jesus go up into the sky and return to heaven.
This is not what many followers expected to happen. They thought that Jesus would set up a kingdom on earth. Our Bible Reading tells us that while Jesus’ followers were watching Him leave the earth, two men came to them. These men told the followers that Jesus would come back some day in the same way He went away.
This promise was not only for Jesus’ followers at that time. This promise is for every person who accepts Jesus and follows Him. Jesus is alive today. He is at God’s right side (1 Peter 3:22). Jesus defeated death and the devil’s power. When Jesus comes back some day, He will take all believers with Him. They will live with God forever. That will be a wonderful day!
Are you ready for Jesus to come back? Only God knows when Jesus will return. Don’t wait to follow Jesus. Obey and serve Him today.