When my children were young, they loved to get rewards. One day I made a big poster to hang on the wall. On the poster I listed things that I wanted my children to do everyday — clean their rooms, brush their teeth, comb their hair, help with the dishes, etc. If they did those things each day, I would put a special sticker on the poster. When they had many stickers on the poster, I gave them a special treat like a picnic in the park or an ice cream cone.

In our Bible verses, Jesus said that when He comes again He will reward the sheep (godly people). Why? Because these people did what Jesus wanted them to do. These godly people helped others in need. These people were prepared for Jesus to come again.

Our Bible verses also show us that Jesus wants us to help other people. In a few days we will look at ways we can help others. But today I want you to think about the reward that Jesus will give — eternal life with Him! Be excited for Jesus to come again.