When some people read the Bible, they think that Jesus did not like rich people. Jesus did not hate rich people, but He did share some strong teachings about being rich.

In Jesus’ teaching, He reminds us that riches are temporary. We cannot take them with us when we die. Jesus also taught that it is important to have the right attitude about our riches. In our Bible verses, He told a story about some rich people and a poor widow.

The rich people put a lot of money in the temple collection box. But the poor widow “came and put in two very small copper coins, worth less than a penny” (verse 42b). Jesus told His disciples that the poor widow gave more than the rich people. He said that the rich people had plenty and gave only what they did not need. But Jesus said that the widow gave the money that she needed to live on. The widow gave with the right attitude, but the rich people didn’t.

Jesus loves all people and wants everyone to love and obey Him. Use your riches for God’s kingdom here on earth.