Right Choices

I know a young man and woman who were engaged to be married. Many people told the woman that this man would not be a good husband for her. But the woman said, ” I choose to marry this man.” Later the man physically abused her many times. The woman realized that she had made the wrong choice.
If you are thinking about getting married, maybe these questions will help you make the right choice: Do you both agree on the decisions you will need to make after you are married? Are you both following and serving God? Is your love the kind of love that will last for many years?
Our Bible Reading today talks about people who follow God. God will bless these people. Good things will happen to them. God will bless them with children and grandchildren. They will live to an old age.
No matter what kind of choices you are making in life, you should always obey God’s Word. God will help you make the right choices about your job, your marriage and your career.