Right Time

For many years, I had a very plain printed Bible that I read every day. I studied that Bible and wrote many notes in the margins. But then I bought a special study Bible. This new Bible had lots of maps and a dictionary in the back. This new Bible helped me learn even more about God’s Word.

The phases of my life are like the Bibles I have owned. When I was young, I was not involved in many activities, and I only had a few friends. As I got older, I started doing more things. Then God blessed me with more family members and friends. All of these things made my life become richer and fuller.

The writer of Ecclesiastes talks about God’s wisdom and His ability to take care of the world. God helps us through each phase of our life and blesses us. Ecclesiastes 3:11 tells us what God does for us. “God gave us the ability to think about his world, but we can never completely understand everything he does. And yet, he does everything at just the right time.”

God has given each of us different phases in our life. Each phase happens at just the right time so that we can serve God best. Thank Him for leading you every day.