Roll Over

I studied these verses from our Bible Reading today. Verse 3 says, “Always turn to the Lord for help in everything you do, and you will be successful.” The Hebrew words used here mean to “roll over” our concerns and decisions onto God.
We should trust God with every part of our life — our thoughts, actions, decisions and plans. We should also trust God’s wisdom and direction. If we do this, then God will make us successful. That means He will help us make the right choices and decisions.
God doesn’t expect us to make the right choices alone. He has given us His Holy Spirit to lead and help us. When we depend on the Holy Spirit, He will encourage us and teach us to follow God more closely.
What is happening in your life today? Are you worried? Do you have important decisions to make? “Roll over” these things to God. Let Him help you as you submit to Him.