Romania (1)

Have you ever visited or lived in another country? Did you find any Christians in that country? Even today there are some places where people have never heard about Jesus. Many people have never had a chance to accept Jesus as their Savior. However, there are many countries in the world where Christians already live.
Jesus told His followers to go into all the world and teach people about Him. Jesus? first followers taught people how to follow Jesus. Then those followers taught other people about Jesus. Later, the Good News about Jesus spread into many, many different countries all over the world!
I have visited the country of Romania many times. I have even lived there for a while. I saw that there are many Christians in Romania. But many people there do not know Jesus. Even today there are Romanian Christians going throughout Romania to tell the people about Jesus. By doing this, these Christians are helping to spread the Good News about Jesus to people in that country.