Romania (3)

For several summers I worked at a camp in Romania. The camp was in a small village in the mountains. This village had many poor people. But the poorest people were the gypsies.
The gypsies lived in their own area in the village. Other villagers did not like to go to that area. The houses there were in very bad condition. They did not have running water. There were many robbers and dangerous people among the gypsies.
One day a gypsy girl came to the gates of our camp. She was dirty and had a big wound on her leg. One of the missionaries at the camp brought the girl into the camp. She cleaned the wound and put a bandage on it. Later, she became close friends with this gypsy girl. The missionary even went to the girl?s home in the village.
This gypsy girl was dirty and from a dangerous area. But the missionary was humble and helped her. She washed the girl?s feet, just like Jesus washed His followers? feet. We, too, should be like Jesus.