Romania (4)

One month after I moved to Romania, I started to get sick. For several months, I would have a cold and then the flu and then a sore throat. Every time I recovered, I got sick again with something else! Then my wife and I moved to the United States. After one month, my wife started to get sick, too ? the same way I did in Romania. (My wife is from Romania, and this is her first time in the United States.)
My wife and I got sick because our bodies were not used to the germs in another country. If we only visit another country for a short time, our bodies? immune systems can fight the germs. But if we live there for a longer time, our immune systems can?t continue fighting. Then we become sick.
Temptation works in the same way. We may let ourselves be tempted a little bit by something, and we think it is okay. But if we allow ourselves to continue to be tempted, we will become weak and sin.
As Christians, we should not continually put ourselves in situations where we are tempted to sin.