Romania (5)

Before my wife and I were married, she lived in Romania, and I lived in the United States. We often talked on the phone. The cheapest way to make phone calls was to use a special phone card. This phone card could only be used from a public phone.
One time as we were talking, a man came to the public phone and wanted to make a call. This man was very rude and impatient. He complained about waiting to use the phone. My wife decided to end our conversation quickly. When she stepped out of the phone booth, she politely told the man, ?I?m sorry for taking so long.? The man seemed surprised. Then he apologized.
My wife could have told the man that he was being rude. But she did not. Instead of speaking angrily with the man, she was humble and polite. This changed the man?s attitude very quickly.
When we are tempted to argue with someone, we should think about our attitude. A good attitude can stop a bad situation from becoming worse.