Once my grandmother was very sick. I made many visits to see my grandmother in the hospital. Finally my grandmother died. I was afraid I would only remember the pain that my grandmother experienced. I thought I would not remember the good times we had together.
But time passed, and I forgot about her pain. And I remembered the happy times we had together. I have pictures, toys, blankets and a tablecloth to remind me of my grandmother. When I smell spaghetti, fried chicken or homemade noodles, I think about her.
My grandmother taught me many things. But most of all, she loved me. Her love helped me become a strong Christian. My grandmother was like the tree in our Bible Reading.
?That person will be strong like a tree planted near water. That tree has large roots that find the water…That tree produces fruit? (Jeremiah 17:8).
I hope I can be like my grandmother and help my family serve God.