Today I moved one of my plants to another container. When I dug up the plant, I noticed that it had many long roots that were twisted and tangled. The roots of a plant are very important. A plant receives water and food through its roots. The roots also hold the plant in the soil and keep it standing strong.
Our Bible Reading today talks about a tree that is planted by water. That kind of tree will grow tall and give good fruit. Why? Because it is easy for the tree to receive water and food. These verses tell us that we should be like that tree. If we are like that tree, we will be able to do good things for God.
Sometimes the roots of a tree can become tangled up with other things in the ground. When that happens, the tree may not receive enough food and water to stay alive. The same thing happens to Christians. If our lives become tangled up with sin, we will not be able to grow spiritually.
Take time today to talk to God and read His Word. Then you will continue to grow and be strong for Jesus.