Think about a world where every person made up his own rules. What would happen? One person might say that it is okay to steal money. Another person might think it is right to kill people.
It is dangerous and confusing to make up our own rules. That’s why God created rules for us. God’s rules are absolutes. That means God’s rules never change. They are always the same for everyone, everywhere.
Verse 7 of our Bible Reading says, “The Lord’s teachings are perfect. They give strength to God’s people. The Lord’s agreement can be trusted.” If all people would follow God’s rules, we would be happier and get along with each other. Everyone would know what is right and what is wrong.
Take time today to read some of God’s rules in the Bible. Here are some places where you can read His rules: Exodus, chapter 20; Matthew, chapters 5 and 6; and James, chapters 2 and 3. Learn His rules and obey them.