Do you remember when your parents made rules for you? Probably your parents said, “I am doing this because it is good for you!” Then you grew up and became a parent. And you repeated those same words to your children.
The same thing happens when you have a dog. If you live on a busy street, you probably keep your dog in the house or have a fenced area in your yard. If you take your dog for a walk, you probably put him on a leash. Are you trying to make your dog unhappy? No. You are protecting your dog from dangerous situations.
Our Bible Reading tells us that God gives us rules to follow. Why? Because God’s rules are good for us (verse 13b). God knows that if we disobey Him, bad things may happen to us. God wants us to obey Him. Then He can bless us with good things.
Sometimes it is hard to obey God. Often God’s rules do not make sense to us. But we should obey God anyway! He wants to take care of us every day of our lives.