Run the Race

I live in the state of Iowa. Every April, athletes from forty-two states come to Iowa for a special time of athletic races. Many people from around the country come to watch these races.
Our Bible Reading tells us that Christians are running a race. In this race, we do not run physically. Instead, we try to obey God and live for Him each day. The end of this race is heaven.
But the Christian race is not always easy. Sometimes sin keeps us from obeying God. Verse 1b reminds us what we should do. “We should take away from our lives anything that would stop us. And we should take away the sin that so easily catches us.” And verse 2 tells us how we can continue to run the race. “We should always follow the example of Jesus.”
Jesus came to the world to die for us. He also showed us how we should live each day. Jesus has already completed the race. He is waiting for us to serve and obey Him. Someday we will live forever with him.