I received a letter from a soldier. He was injured and could not walk. This soldier told me about other soldiers. Some had died in battle. Others were paralyzed (could not move their arms or legs).
I wrote a letter back to the soldier. I told him about my children and my grandchildren. I thanked him for being a good soldier. I reminded him that he helped keep our country free.
Soldiers who fight in wars make a sacrifice for their country. They give their time to go and fight the war. Some soldiers are injured or die. They make an even greater sacrifice for their country.
Our Bible Reading today tells us about the greatest sacrifice of all. This happened when Jesus died on the cross. Jesus was willing to die so you and I can have our sins forgiven.
We should remember soldiers who have made sacrifices during times of war. But more importantly, we should remember the great sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the cross.