Emperor penguins live on the ice in the Antarctic. It is very cold there. The temperature may be as cold as 100 degrees below zero. When the female penguin lays her egg, she gives it to the male penguin. He places the egg in a special pouch just above his feet. The male has to keep the egg at just the right temperature so the baby penguin will live and grow.
After the female penguin gives the egg to the male, she goes to the ocean and feeds on fish for two months. She will return to feed the baby when it hatches. Meanwhile, the male penguin stays and keeps the egg warm. He will not eat or drink anything for two long months. The male may lose up to 40 percent of his body weight. The male penguin makes a great sacrifice so he can take care of the egg!
Jesus made the greatest sacrifice when He gave His life for us. He did this by dying on the cross. Jesus showed us what real love is like. We should have love like Jesus’ love.
Ask God to help you love other people today.