Sad Jonah

Children like me to use a balloon and tell them the story about Jonah. First, I make a sad face on the end of a long balloon. Jonah was sad because he did not want to tell the people in Ninevah about God.
Jonah got on a ship that was sailing away from Ninevah. God sent a storm. The men on the ship threw Jonah into the water. A big fish swallowed Jonah. At this point in the story, I make a small ball at the end of the balloon. It still has Jonah’s face on it. I push the ball inside the balloon and make the balloon into a fish. Then it looks like Jonah is inside the fish.
After three days, God made the fish spit Jonah out. I show this by popping the balloon fish. Why does Jonah still have a sad face? Because he did not love the people of Ninevah like God loved them.
Finally, Jonah told the people in Ninevah about God. They accepted the message and obeyed God.
If you truly love people, you will be happy to tell them about God.