When a person dies, it is hard to say goodbye to them. My aunt, my stepmother and my mother-in-law all died the same week. That week I was so sad. That was when I realized that it is very difficult to say goodbye to someone that you love.
Our Bible Reading today tells us about King David and his son, Absalom. David’s army was fighting against Absalom’s army. Some men came to King David and told him that Absalom had been killed. David was so sad! He cried and cried. David wished that he had died instead of Absalom. In the New Testament, John 11:35 tells us that Jesus cried when His friend, Lazarus, died.
These verses helped me learn that it is okay to be sad and to cry when someone dies. My experiences have also helped me learn that God will be with me and comfort me when I am sad. God comforted me through my Christian friends who encouraged me with their phone calls and notes.
Maybe you are sad today. God loves you and knows that you are sad. He will comfort and take care of you.