Safe Inside

When I was a child, I climbed hills, swam in a creek and played in an apple orchard. If I felt tired, hungry or afraid, I would hurry inside our house. I felt safe inside my house with my family. As an adult, I have often been anxious to get home. After work I would get in my car and drive home. When I was inside my house, I felt safe.

Some large cities have certain buildings or houses called “safe places.” These are places where children can go if they are in danger or need protection. The writer of Psalm 46:1 talks about a very special “safe place.” “God is our protection and source of strength. He is always ready to help us in times of trouble.”

We all want to feel safe. We read a newspaper or watch the news on television. We see that the world is full of violent crimes, damaging weather and financial troubles. These stories may make us feel afraid and insecure.

But we can always trust God to help us feel safe and secure. When we are close to Him, He gives us protection and strength. Stay close to God and His Word today. You can depend on God to keep you safe.