Safe Place

Once I saw a TV show about a large family. Their house burned down. The parents needed to find a place for the big family to live while the house was being rebuilt. So several families in the town took the children into their homes to live. Finally, the house was rebuilt, and the family was together again.
The parents in this story wanted their children to live where they would be safe and protected. Our Bible Reading talks about a place where we can be safe, too. In verse 7a, the writer says to God, “You are a hiding place for me. You protect me from my troubles. You surround me and protect me.”
The children needed a safe place to live. In the same way, we need a place where we can feel protected from all the bad things in the world. That place is with God. We can be close to God by obeying Him, praying to Him and reading His Word, the Bible.
Do you need a safe place today? Turn to God and let Him guide and protect you.