Safety (1)

When I was growing up, I lived in the suburbs of Chicago. During that time, there were many riots in the Chicago area.
I remember one day at school our teacher told us to go home and stay inside. Bad things were happening in Chicago, and those things were spreading to the suburbs. The teachers wanted all children to be safe at home.
I always walked to and from school with my friend. That day as we walked home, every sound made us jump. We got to our homes, but our parents were out buying food. Everyone in the neighborhood seemed confused.
My friend and I ran to her porch and curled up in a corner. We started praying and asking God to keep us safe. Soon we heard footsteps coming down the walk. It was a neighbor who took us to her house until our parents came home.
That day God kept me safe. He was my Rock and my fortress, like David said in verse 2 of our Bible Reading. God will keep you safe today, too.