Safety (2)

I don’t know how to swim. So when I am near a large body of water, I am very careful.
When I was young, I was invited to a pool party at my friend’s house. Some people started playing volleyball in the pool. I joined in, but I made sure that I was in the shallow water.
I did not know where the deep end of the pool began. But the volleyball came flying near me. Someone yelled, “Get it!” So, I jumped to hit the ball. I stepped down and there was nothing but water under my feet! I panicked, and I reached for the side of the pool. I couldn’t reach the side of the pool, but one of the men grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the water.
In our Bible Reading today, David said, “The Lord reached down from above. The Lord grabbed me and pulled me out of the deep water” (verse 17b). Someone pulled me out of real water. But in these verses, “deep water” means the troubles in life.
Are you facing problems today? God can help you, just like He helped David.