Salt is a very useful thing. It can make food taste better. Also it can make a person very thirsty.
In Matthew 5:13, Jesus tells us that we are like salt. ?You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its taste, then it cannot be made salty again. Salt is good for nothing, if it loses its salty taste. It must be thrown out and people walk on it.?
Salt makes food taste better. In the same way, people who show God?s love make the world a better place to live. Salt makes people thirsty. Christians should live so that other people want to be Christians, too. We should make these people ?thirsty? for God?s Word.
Our Bible Reading tells us something else about salt. Verses 34b-35a say, ?…if the salt loses its salty taste, then you can?t make it salty again. It is worth nothing.? If we want to lead other people to Jesus, we need to be ?salty.? This means that we need to closely follow Jesus every day.
I hope that you will be ?salt? for Jesus. Share the Good News about Him with someone today.