Salt and Light

Our Bible Reading today tells us that we are to be light and the salt of the earth. What does this mean?
First, salt has many different uses. Salt can make things taste better. Christians should help people by showing them the truth in the Bible and by bringing love, joy and hope into their lives. Salt also makes people thirsty. Christians should make people thirsty for God and the Bible. This means that Christians should witness to people who don’t know God. This will make them want to know God in the same way that thirsty people want water.
Second, God wants us to be the light of the world. If you are in a dark room and someone comes into the room with a candle, your eyes would look right at the candle. Christians should be like that candle. The world around us is dark with sin. People should want to be near Christians. Why? Because they see the light of God’s truth in Christians’ lives.
If we will be salt and light, we will bring praise to God.