At the time Jesus lived on earth, salt was very important. People didn’t have refrigerators or freezers, so salt was used to preserve (save) meat and fish. It was also used to season food. Some countries used salt as their money. When a man worked, he was paid with salt instead of money. Today salt is inexpensive to buy, but it is still very important.
In our Bible Reading, Jesus compared Christians and salt. Even a little amount of salt can make food taste much better. In the same way, one Christian can influence many people to do good things. Sometimes a few Christians can encourage a whole nation of people to follow Jesus.

Jesus wants us to be like salt. We can be like salt when we are at work, when we are with our family and friends, or when we are shopping. People are watching us all the time. We need to remember to always be like Jesus.
I hope that you will be like salt today.