You probably remember that gigantic tsunami waves hit the shores of many countries in southeast Asia last year. The television reporters told about people who risked their lives to save other people. These people did not think about their own safety. They just thought about saving another person’s life.
The only way for people to be saved from their sins is for them to accept Jesus as their Savior. Every Christian has the job of sharing the Good News about Jesus with other people. When we tell people about Jesus, we should not think about ourselves. We should only think about helping that person know Jesus.
Many Christians through the years have risked their lives to share God’s message. In our Bible Reading, Paul and Silas were in prison. Why? Because some people did not want them to preach about Jesus. But Paul and Silas did not stop preaching. They told people about Jesus, even when they were in prison.
I hope that God will give you opportunities today to tell people about salvation through Jesus.